Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello, blog-world!  Or maybe I should say Bonjour! (or not...I'm not even remotely French, but it made for a cute blog name/it's a groan-worthy sewing pun).  I'm going to give the blogging thing a try, although I will admit that I feel kind of self-conscious and shy about putting pictures of myself (that I most likely took myself) on the internets. I'm not sure which I hate more: seeing pictures of myself or hearing myself on a recording.  "Do I really look/sound like that?!?!?!?!"  If it's a VIDEO...well let's just not talk about that.  So I'm just going to make this about the sewing and try not to scrutinize my looks too much. Deal? Deal.

So anyway, I have been bitten by the sewing bug!  Bad.  In fact, I'd say it's more like a sewing bug infestation because it's pretty much what I think about most of the time. I am a teacher, so I am enjoying my summer vacation at the moment and feeding my addiction (my husband now refers to our office as my personal sweatshop).  I taught myself to knit last summer, which I also love, but I was dissatisfied with how long it took to finish something (and if I messed up or found a mistake after weeks of hard-work, it was like someone died), so for my 30th birthday (I'll own up to it, it is what it is...I'm "wiser" now or something) I asked for a sewing machine. My parents laughed at me and thought I was crazy and I am pretty sure my mom thought she was buying me an overpriced dust-collector, but she humored me and bought me my Singer Supurb 2010!

That tote was my first sewing project, and I don't even know where it is now and I seriously doubt it's ability to tote anything without falling apart.  Ha!  But it was a nice introduction to the machine and it allowed us to get to know each other a little better.

I really want to make sure that I include the lessons learned from each of my projects (because every project has taught me something), so even this tote bag provided valuable insights into the world of sewing.  I learned that sewing in a straight line is HARD!  BUT, I realized that those little guide lines on the machine are very helpful.  I also learned that sewing involves a lot of math and that I don't always want to think that hard (I need to point out that I'm a math teacher, so sometimes I rebel against  math in life because I get so tired of talking/thinking about it/trying to convince middle school students of its necessity in that irony or what!).

I feel like I have come a looooooong way since this tote bag, and I will try to post pretty often in order to catch up to where I am now and showcase all of my projects/lessons learned along the way.  I guess I need to take a lot of pictures today!!! (the extra exclamation points are an attempt to convince myself that I am excited about that).


  1. Great blog! You have a great writing voice!

  2. Hi, Kari! I found your blog through Pattern Review, and have just finished reading all the way to the beginning. Welcome to blogging world! You are absolutely hilarious, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. My favorite is your blue lace dress. Stunning!