Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scrapped - Vogue 8728

Well it's happened: my first unfinished object (UFO, they ARE real!).  It's disappointing too because I've seen so many great versions of this dress on the internets.

I want to clarify that this has absolutely nothing to do with the pattern itself.  It didn't have too many pieces, the instructions were clear (although kind of odd because it's a vintage re-issue, but I just kind of did things my own way), and in theory I should have ended up with a cute new/old dress.

However, I learned something new from this experience: my machine is hungry.  It's hungry for jersey and it doesn't care who knows it!  I wish I knew exactly what this fabric actually is so that I can put it on my "do not ever ever ever buy this ever again...ever!" list (that I will most likely ignore if I see a cute print or an awesome color).  I found it in the remnant bin at Hancock Fabrics (their remnants are great; sometimes as much as 2 yards!), but the problem is they don't specify what the fabric is just that it's apparel fabric.  I know that it's some kind of jersey because it's a knit that's super stretchy and drapey, but this jersey is actually kind of heavy.  One side of it almost has a kind of sheen to it while the other side is a bit more dull.  Any ideas?  Probably polyester like 99% of the fabrics found at Joann and Hancocks.

Well whatever it is, my machine continued to feast on it again and again and again.  I had to take apart my machine 5 times and a couple of those times ended up making a hole in the fabric (which maaaaaaaybe had to do with my impatience and eventual tugging on it...oops...and maybe or maybe not while yelling...).  I did learn that my walking foot is pretty much a necessity with this fabric because any other foot I used just made the problem worse (i.e. gathering foot is a NO NO!), but there was no fooling my ravenous machine.  It had an unquenchable thirst for this stuff!

So I think I give up!  I may go back and try again after awhile (we need some time apart...maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder).  I also have a difficult time with things that are left unfinished and they kind of eat away at me cause I know they're there...staring at me...


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! Silly question, but were you using a ball-point needle? I forgot and tried to sew jersey with a regular needle and my machine kept tearing holes in it. :(

  2. I actually remembered to use a ballpoint needle and everything! I even carefully thought about the size I should use. The fabric is just really dense, but stretchy at the same time so the needle pushes the fabric down and the machine just gobbles it up! I've never had that problem before. The holes were more because I get impatient and instead of walking away and chilling out, I go into rage mode. ;)

  3. You may want to try placing a sheet of tissue paper on your feed dog below the fabric. If I'm having any issues with fabric not behaving, I try that.

  4. I second the tissue paper too... sounds like you already tried the usual suspects of the ball point needle and walking foot. You might also want to check the tension too, sometimes that's a culprit for the problems I have (well, with my old machine, but not with my new BabyLock).