Saturday, July 7, 2012

Work in Progress - McCalls 6505

The husband, B, and I are going to Las Vegas in a week or so (this is my 6th time there; it's fun, don't judge) so I decided I wanted to make a "Vegas" dress.  Then I realized that a "Vegas" dress would probably involve feathers, 10-inch heels, and a 50 lb. headdress so I'll just say this is more like a "nice dinner in Vegas" dress.  Or since we're dining at Delmonico Steakhouse, "Emeril's dress." I had picked up McCalls 6505 at a pattern sale (oh, pattern I love you so) thinking "huh, I wonder when I'd ever wear this...oh well, it's only 99 cents!" and into my cart it went. Yes, I generally have to have a cart when I go to the fabric stores.  And there are many patterns that fall into the "it's only 99 cents" part of my logic, which when you think about it, can quickly add up to a large number when you put a lot of 99 centses together...let's just not think about that.

I have the basic shell of the dress put together, zipper and all, but now I have to add the scalloped sleeves, add the trim along the bottom, and do some tweeking to the overall fit.

Forgive the Instagram shot, but I only pull out the big camera for the finished product (because I am lazy and I hate loading pics onto my computer until I have a bunch of them to upload).  It looks pretty good on my dressform!  Sadly, my dressform has larger boobs than I do (seems kind of unfair, but thems the breaks), so when I put it on me I don't have quite the  I'm also annoyed that the area around the stomach poofs out because the front is all one piece with only side-boob darts (official terminology, I'm sure).  I may have to add some darts to the front, but I don't know if that would look bad?  I might just try to take more in on the sides instead.

I don't know who will actually see this, if anyone, but if you DO and you have some tips on how to get rid of the stomach-fabric pooling, I'd really appreciate it!  If I could alleviate that issue, then this dress will look awesome at our dinner!

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