Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vogue Patterns

I'm still here, I promise!  I was on vacation in Las Vegas last week (where I wore all me-made items, I might add!  Go me!  ...but I didn't get you can take the "go me" back now).  While I was there (and for this entire week basically) I was sick too.  Boo.  I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING. I have been the living embodiment of a couch potato and I am now caught up on so many shows that I would never choose to watch on the regular (and will regress back to that opinion now that I am better).  So I have nothing new to show, but I AM working on something that should be done in the next couple of days and I think it's going to be awesome!  I'm excited about it.

Anyhoozits, I was also on my iPad constantly which allowed me to catch up on some blogs, celebrity gossip (oh KStew, what have you done??  Oh yeah, I don't really care), and stalk pattern sites/fabric stores for sales.  And what did my eyes behold but the new Vogue patterns!  I literally saw them as they were being posted (that's how much I was on the internet); one second the "new patterns" were still the old patterns and the next thing I knew the new were now old and there was new new!  (...I may or may not still be on decide).

Here are some of the patterns I have added to my must-haves (i.e. add to stash and forget I have them):

Vogue 1317: Aside from the fact that their model is clearly afraid of heights, I love this dress!  I like the silhouette, the neckline, and the belt.  I really like it in red too and I could use more red in my wardrobe.

Vogue 1315:  Seriously, someone get that poor girl down from there! It's like the director is yelling random things like "pretend you're the Pixar lamp from their logo!" I think I like this pattern.  I'm not 100% on it, but it looks fairly simple and more than anything it looks comfortable.  If something is cute AND comfortable, the chance of me wearing it goes up like 247% (I haven't actually conducted any research about that, but I'll ballpark it).

Vogue 1314: Good God, now she's having an anxiety attack! Can we get her a Xanax?  I like this dress, but I realize it's not earth-shattering and innovative.  I don't think I already have a pattern like it though, so I will probably add it to my collection (if I call it a "collection" I feel more justified in buying patterns).

And now...for the "WTF Vogue??" patterns for Fall:

Vogue 1312: I didn't realize that Vogue designers were so into Halloween costumes.  I guess "witch-chic" will be all the rage this year.  It looks like she's in serious spell-conjuring position (or ya know, about to pop out a baby or something).  She looks kind of mad, maybe I should stop making fun of her now.

Vogue 1322: I don't know. I just don't know. I can't even think of anything humorous to say because I feel like this picture speaks plenty for itself.  I guess I'll be the one feeling like the joke when I see these women's sportsjacket capes everywhere; so practical for improve comedy cause it kind of makes you wonder if those are really her arms!  I'm really not 100% sure...

Vogue 8824: Vogue's interpretation of a Snuggie; it's a fitted (somewhat) blanket with pockets for the remote and some snacks.  Nice try with the boots, but this is a fleece mumu.

Vogue 8832: "This is the tale, of Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate so brave, on the seven seas."  Now that song is stuck in my head.

Vogue 8838: You have to kill your own animal, but once you do that you'll have a pattern and you're good to go! (Is it just me, or did we just find Carmen Sandiego??)

Overall, more blah than awe. I'm not really that surprised and I look forward to these releases to laugh at the models as much as look at the patterns (seriously, why the awkwardness??) There were several other patterns that I liked parts of (like the skirt or the blouse but not the rest) but I'm pretty cheap and $3.99 adds up pretty quick.  Usually I limit myself to 5 patterns because that comes to roughly $20 without tax, so I plan to pick up a few at the next pattern sale.


  1. Carmen Sandiego!! i just searched to see what happened to the show and it pops up that she has a facebook page! haha, if she's on foursquare too, then everyone will know where she is! =)

    love your captions

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